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2017 Festivals in East Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia has been improving significantly in tourism. Besides the improvement in natural tourism destinations, Indonesia is also improving in festivals and traditional travelling spots. Indonesia has learned a lot from other Asian countries which have shown that festivals and events work well in increasing tourist number. Today, we are going to list festivals and events in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This destination owns spectacular potentials besides Komodo Island and Manggarai. Here are the lists:


In January, travelers can join Reba Party (Pesta Reba) in the village of Bena. This traditional ceremony is held for delivering gratitude to the ancestors’ souls.


This upcoming festival will be held in several places. A festival of Pasola will entertain travelers with the attraction of throwing a wooden spear from fast-ridden horse of two groups of people. In Lamboya, Pasola is scheduled in February 2nd. In Kodi, travelers can enjoy this festival in 26th -27th of February.


In March, Larantuka will be a serene place to visit by the travelers who want to enjoy the peace of Easter. In Larantuka a holy week of Easter is held in a merry way yet still delivers a deep serenity. The festival will be held from 25th of March. Meanwhile, in Alor, Bole Bundo rite will be held. This ceremony is aimed at honoring a memory of winning a war in past times. The wonderful thing is that travelers can also visit traditional village of Riang Sungai, Danau Asmara, and Air Panas Oka. Not to mention the procession of Kure in the village of Noemuti where people gather in every house and use each for praying. The ceremony is unique because each house will be showered with presents of fruits and beverages after the procession completed.


April will surely be the best month for adventurer to visit East Nusa Tenggara. Travelers will not regret to join Lembata festival. This local event of whale hunting will give people memorable experience. This event will be held in April 26th to May 1st in Lamalera village of Wulan district.  In addition to that festival, traveler will love to enjoy Pasir Putih beach in Bean village and traditional museum of whale around the area.


Besides the festivals, Nusa Tenggara Timur will be the host of Tour de Flores which starts in Larantuka and finishes in Labuan Bajo. 24 countries will join the event.


This is the month of all beautiful festivals in Indonesia since Indonesia celebrates Independence Day in August. In Manggarai, Caci dance festival becomes one of the awaited events which is famous for the whip attraction with the tail of a bull. This show will be held two days (18th -19th August) in Pede Beach, Labuan Bajo. Another wonderful festival is Pati’ka, an ethnic ceremony that is held around the peak of Kelimutu. In August, photography practitioners can also participate in the event of underwater photography competition in Alor.

Those are some of the festivals that travelers need to take pleasure in. The beauty of ethic, dances, and natural wonders of East Nusa Tenggara will be even more stunning with all of those festivals.


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