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3 Best Destinations for Women Travelers in Indonesia

When it deals with travelling, ladies need it the most. Women all over the world have a different perception of busy life but they always are the most exhausted people since they always think about anything. Women, especially those who have family and kids will feel tired after taking care of their family all the times. However, the world has a bad assumption toward the ladies. Most of the time, the world assumes that women will need to enjoy fancy entertainments and luxurious travel as a holiday. The fact is that, women need a vacation that helps them relaxed. That will be enough. That is why women need more than a fancy vacation with tiring tours. Women need a hammock, a sunset, and a good talk.


When women feel frustrated, all things in their surrounding will be messy. Similar things will occur and be even worse to moms. To reduce the stress, women really need to escape. There will be many reasons for going to a vacation. They can leave when one of the girls is going to get married. The bachelor party will feel great when they do it in a tropical beach or in a lavish mansion. Besides, women can simply leave for a vacation with their best friend forever gang. When possible, baby moon and wrap up party can also be the reason for the ladies to take several days off. For women who want to taste different life experience, travelling solo can also be a good choice.


Here are the destinations that can relieve Indonesian women’s heart ache due to busy life:



Bandung is one of the best places in Indonesia that will serve anything ladies want to enjoy for a vacation. This city is rich with culture, updated fashion, unique foods, and special tour destinations. Besides, Bandung is also enchanting for its architecture. Bandung has the atmosphere of Europe due to the scenic building and artistic architecture. No wonder, Bandung is famous as Paris van Java. The good news is that this city has high security. Women will feel comfortable when travelling solo or going together with friends. Bandung is a perfect place for women to feel the peacefulness of a holiday. The culture exposure such as the one in Saung Angklung will give travelers happiness. Meanwhile, the kindness of Bandung people will leave a flawless impression.



This is one of the best places that will show travelers how royal life can be that amazing. This city has a slow tone where people do not have to be hurry. People always show good manners and treat others well in Yogyakarta. Travelers can easily find arts, art communities, art shops, and galleries along the journey. The culinary variants are also wonderful and more than delicious. This is a small city where travelers can shop unique souvenir and products. With its majestic atmosphere of royal family, friendly people, and ethnic products, Yogyakarta is a happy place for all women.



Bali is never boring to visit because it has too many tour destinations and enjoyment alternatives. However, women need to visit this island for another thing. Women will love this place for its five starred spa and beauty treatments. Besides, there are many villas in Bali that can serve the best meditation and yoga facilities which all help women to relieve stress.

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