488 Ways to Enjoy Jakarta

To enjoy a country, or a city, we have to deal with the city like a real resident. But is that possible to do in Indonesia? As a tourist who visits Jakarta Indonesia, for instance, transportation and daily life must be so much challenging. Most might say that Indonesia is a country with kindhearted people and modern life style. However, kindhearted is no longer a main personality of Indonesia though in some reasons, people are still doing it as part of culture. Therefore, visitors have to also deal with traditional culture inside the modernity that is now developing in Indonesia. Yet, there are still ways to enjoy Jakarta like a local resident.

Jakarta is a city with high speed and dynamic; only when traffic allows. Besides, it is also full of challenge and attractions at the same time. This is a city of hope for all Indonesians. Everyone falls in love with this city though problems are scattered around. It is notorious that Jakarta has terrible problem with flood, traffic jam, and poverty, yet once people leave it, they will miss it. Jakarta has the charm.

Jakarta is also a melting pot where almost all ethnics and races in Indonesia gather in this place. This is also a center of government which includes the core of business and economic. Last year was the 488 anniversary of Jakarta. Special celebration with unique entertainments was held for serving people with unforgettable memories with Jakarta. Last year, 4 authentic shopping experiences in Jakarta, 8 culinary delights, and 8 exceptional activities in the city are listed and ready to thrill travelers.

4 Authentic Shopping Experiences in Jakarta

Everyone loves shopping and Jakarta offers from gadget to fashion shopping centers in all over the city. For shopping fashion and clothing products, Jakarta is the paradise since fashion lovers can find the cheapest one to the most luxurious brands there. For the affordable products, travelers can visit Baru Market, Mayestik Market, Mangga Dua, ITC, and Tanah Abang. Though the rates are low in those places, people can still find products with good quality. For high class fashion or branded products, travelers can straightforwardly go to shopping malls. For gadgets and electronic, people can go to Glodok, Ratu Plaza, and Ambassador Mall. Next, travelers will love how Jalan Surabaya offers high quality vintage and pre-loved products. The last shopping experience is shoes shopping in Taman Puring.

8 Culinary Delights

Here is the list of culinary delights in Jakarta:

  • Jakarta Special Dish: Gado-Gado Bonbin, Soto Betawi Hj. Syarif, Bubur Ayam Cikini, etc
  • Supper/ Midnight Culinary: Gulai Tikungan in Blok M and Lamb Fried Rice Kebon Sirih
  • Legendary Restaurant Dishes: Trio Restaurant since 1947, Gondangdia Noodle since 1968, etc
  • Menu with Historical Concept: Batavia Café in Kota Tua, Dapur Babah in Jalan Veteran, etc
  • Modern Restaurants can Café: All new Café in Senopati Street
  • Dessert Time in Ragusa: Ragusa Ice Cream in Veteran Street
  • Street Culinary Tour: Sabang, Blok S, Kelapa Gading, Pluit, Kemang, and Pantai Indah Kapuk
  • Pekan Raya Jakarta culinary: Kerak Telor

8 Exceptional Activities in Jakarta

  • Hangout in shopping malls
  • Art Journey: Galeri Nasional inMerdeka Timur Street, Dia.lo.gue artspace in Kemang, etc
  • Random Destinations: Monas, Dufan, Kota Tua, TMII etc
  • Picnic in City Park: Suropati, Menteng, Ayodya, and Situ Lembang Park
  • Car Free Day
  • Museum Tour: Fatahillah,Wayang, Bank Indonesia, Ceramic, and National Museum.
  • Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta Anniversary Week): Mid June to Mid July

Enjoying Public Transportations

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