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Baucau, the Perfect Travel Destination for a Writer

There will always be a special place for every traveler. This world offers a vast array of destination that always give people special feeling. Whether it is good impression or a bad experience, traveler will still learn from every journey. A luxurious place will usually give unforgettable impression for the travelers. However, serene and simple places can also be so much treasured. For busy people who feel enough with their office time and all business problems, tropical paradise might be one of the most wanted places to visit. Meanwhile, people who are so bored with their slow and quiet life might want to enjoy the noise of party and nightlife in their travel. And people who love sightseeing and walking will surely like a place with good city attractions and nice architecture.

Besides those reasons, people with certain personalities and occupations will also find the perfect place to travel. Fashion lovers will love fashion icon such as Italy and France. Meanwhile, lone rangers will find their treasure in Switzerland and special places around Mongolia and Nepal. What about a writer? What is the flawless place for an author? Of so many places in the world, there is one suspicious but so much inviting place. This place owns mystery as well as charm. It is Baucau in Timor Leste.

While writing a novel, a book, or even a thriller series, an author might want to enjoy a serene place with wonderful inspiration. This country is far beyond from what the so called modern country. Baucau is a district and second largest city in Timor Leste after Dili. It takes more than three hours to travel to Baucau from Dili. But those hours will fly fast since travelers can see gorgeous scenery along the road.

Timor Leste is not yet in advanced progress after the referendum in 1999. Politics can never be blamed from damages though the world has lost a lot after the hard referendum. During the processes of referendum many places were damaged and the country lost almost all the beauty. Time goes by and it remains the ruins that show the prettiness of Timor Leste from Colonialism era.

Entering Baucau Timor Leste, we will be amazed by the architecture of Portuguese that is not seemingly well-preserved. However, people will be able to feel the atmosphere of classic beauty in such a place. In Portuguese colonial era, this old city is called Vila Salazar; named after a Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliviera Salazar. In this city, travelers will be amazed by the ruined of ancient market of O Mercadu and Hotel Pousada.

It is quite hard to imagine the feeling of Baucau only by seeing the picture of the old city. However, the romantic essence can be clearly seen from the debris of the market gate and the ancient fountain. It will be nice to stay in a pink hotel and enjoy the quietness of this place. We can take a walk in villages around the area and feel how this country owns a charm that is left by the age of Portuguese colonialism. With the quiet and romantic atmosphere of Baucau, author will possibly get brilliant ideas for composing good books with deep romance and mystery.



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