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Magnificence of Indonesia, What Else after Bali Island

Beautiful Places to Visit Other Than Bali



Many people in the world see Indonesia from Bali point of view. Bali Island is said to be the most beautiful place in Asia and perhaps in the world for some cases. However, it is not that acceptable if people keep saying that Indonesia is only beautiful from the Bali sides. Indonesia is rich, captivating, exotic, and amazing in all islands and provinces. However, the exposure is still so limited that travelers find it hard to avoid visiting Bali Indonesia and end up boasting to have travelled to the most stunning part of Indonesia.


It is true that Bali is one of the best places to get relaxed. Though this island is crowded most of the time in a year but Bali is always the right place for escaping into a quiet place that can give people special time with spa and many other beauty treatments. Going surfing at Bingin Beach and visiting sacred temples such as Pura Besakih or Taman Ayun will truly give people great times. To make the journey in Bali perfect, tourists have to sit nicely and see some traditional Balinese dances in Ubud.


Gili Islands; Real Paradise


Although those amusements in Bali sound too nice to find in one island, travelers can actually take pleasure in a more spectacular experience as they go to other places. Gili Trawangan should be other destinations in which travelers can dive and see how stunning scenery can be shown underwater. The good news is that there is no car in this place. This is a true paradise where people transport by bikes, carts, and horses. Those who are bored with traffic jam will see something that is as peaceful as a heaven in these islands.


There will no sounds of horn and busy machines around the area. Snorkeling and scuba diving facilities are served for helping people spending their time well. Although the islands serve serene atmosphere as the exotic feature, travelers will get entertained with its unending nightlife. For more complete guide for travelling to Indonesia in terms of culture, see our post Tips on Dealing with Culture when Travelling to Indonesia.


Jakarta; Luxury inside Busy City


After spending some times in the exotic places without the sounds of traffic jam, it is the right time for travelers for enjoying the true luxury in Jakarta. Jakarta is a busy city with a lot of entertainment spots and destinations for culinary delight. Nightlife, café, lounges, hotels, eateries, and many more are all perfectly-served in Jakarta. Jakarta to Yogyakarta is only an hour flight.

Prambanan and Borobudur Amazement


As people feel contented with nightlife and entertainments, exploring Prambanan Temple  in Central Java will give long lasting impressions. Prambanan was built in 10th centuries and the tallest temple is at 150 feet. When visiting historical places like Prambanan, people will usually want to take picture all the time for the spots are too many. This will sometimes waste the precious time of being in this ancient temple. That is why, people have to put down the camera after some shots and simply wander around and be amazed.


Prambanan opening hours start from 6 a.m to 5 pm. Make sure you bring sunglasses and comfortable footwear for enjoyable tour to the temple. Another beauty is Borobudur temple. Borobudur is a giant Buddhist temple that is older than Cambodia’s Angkor Wat because it was dated from the 9th century. Myth says that visitors will not be able to reach the top before discovering the meaning of reliefs that highlight Buddhist teachings. To get to know how to get to Borobudur, please check upcoming articles.

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