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Bogor Botanical Garden of Kebun Raya – A Perfect Place for Contemplating

Visiting West Java will not be perfect without wandering in a fabulous botanical garden kown as Kebun Raya. Located at the heart of Bogor, this garden produces healthy oxygen generates by various types of vegetations at its 87 hectares area. From Jakarta, we can reach this place for about 3 hours by car.


This is the city lung which was first developed by Governor General Raffles. The garden was then expanded by the Dutch botanist Professor Reinwardt. With the assistance of London’s Kew Gardens planners, this garden officially opened in 1817. This is a blessing left by the era of colonialism. At first, this garden was purposed for developing colonial cash crops. Tea, cassava, tobacco, and cinchona plantations were developed there before cultivated in the real field.


Those who want to enjoy breathing under a tree that age is more than a hundred year can simply visit this garden. Wandering around Kebun Raya will feel like walking in a jungle and not quite like being in a manmade-botanical garden. Spending a day will not be enough but people can at least try to spend the half day to walk and be close to this spectacular natural garden’s collections. This garden has more than 15,000 species of trees and plants. We can see from the strangest tree to the most ordinary one such as palm trees. Yet, it contains 400 types of palm trees and that numbers are amazing. We know palm trees that are planted by the street but we never guess that it has 400 types. Just to hold that kind of feeling is already mesmerizing. Even, we can find a native footstool palm that height can reach 40 m.


Let’s leave those amazing tress and enjoy a sweeter look of plantation in the Orchid House. It is said that Indonesia is the home of over 80% species of orchid in the whole universe. In this garden, we can also see giant flowers such as Rafflesia Arnoldi flower and giant water lilies. During the right season, we will be able to enjoy sitting by a muddy pond which dozen of giant water lilies. This country is not only so comfortable for human being but also for vegetation that almost all kinds of creatures like to live here.


The garden is the right place for those who love to travel in peace and need quiet place to contemplate. Crowds will be in the garden on Sundays but this lovely place is silent at most other days. Besides, there is also a cemetery of former governor generals and also a small memorial of Olivia Raffles who dies and buried in Batavia in 1814. That is why this place is also rumored to be haunted. However, it is better to say that it has a serene atmosphere instead of haunting.


That garden, though it was originally built and developed by colonial leaders, can resemble the beauty of Indonesia wonderfully. It is not so easy to find similar botanical garden that contains that astonishing collections in the world. Most of which are natural trees and plantations that grow nowhere else in the world.


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