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Bromo Ijen Tour from Yogyakarta Nature plus Culture

Bromo Ijen Tour from Yogyakarta


Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta will show tourists a great enjoyment in Java Island. The tours can
resemble the wonderful things that tourists can do in this country. Yogyakarta represents the cultural
richness, personality, and high-class architecture of heritage sites. Meanwhile, Bromo ijen tours show
how Java Island is full of mysterious volcanoes, natural wonders, and superb landscape to get pleasure in.


Indonesia is called the paradise for some reasons. Tourists do not even have to go traveling to all islands
in Indonesia to prove it. Tours in Java only will give tourists great experiences. The wonderful culture of
Javanese has been prominent by the world. Besides, Javanese has positive personality as well. Tourists
are welcomed in Indonesia, especially in Java. The people are kind, polite, and so much humble. Besides,
it is also beautiful to see the natural landscape of Java. There is no fake scenery and artificial view in
Java. Additionally, the foods are the super delicious and unique. There are countless kinds of foods for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to mention the variants of snacks and beverages that Java has. It is a
real paradise that all tourists want to visit at least once in their entire life. That is why many scientific
speculations suggest that the lost city of Atlantis in here in Indonesia.


Bromo ijen Tour from Yogyakarta


There are many destinations to visit in Yogyakarta. Yet, the tourists can pick only some highlights of
Yogyakarta and central Java before leaving for Bromo. For instance, tourists can pick the package of
Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen 5 days and 4 nights. The tour covers Borobudur temple tours, Prambanan temple
tours, and lava tours while tourists are in Yogyakarta. The tour will last for two days. That will be enough
to show the tourists the stunning impressions of Java and Javanese.


Right after that, Bromo with the beautiful landscape and green view will welcome the tourists. In this
tour, travelers will not feel exhausted though they have to spend some hours in the travel. The beautiful
places and the delicious foods will relieve their pain. The tourists will usually spend a day in Bromo. After
the sunrise tour, they can go to some spots for taking photos. Exploring the savanna and caldera in
Bromo will be like visiting the world of fairy.


Next, tourists will go to Bondowoso to get pleasure in the world class tour of Ijen. The popular icon of
Ijen is the turquoise lake. But little do people know that Ijen has the phenomenon of Blue Fire. The blue
flame occurs due to the extreme heat from the acidic lake in Ijen crater. This is one of the most beautiful
places in Java, despite the creepiness of the crater.


Bromo volcano tour offers the beautiful crater with its eternal smokes. Meanwhile, Ijen crater is
magnificent with the boiling acidic water. The height of Ijen is 2,400 meters above the sea level.


Touristshave to climb up from 1 am to enjoy the blue fire and sunrise from the peak of Ijen. Mount Bromo tour
offers the same attraction. Yet, in Ijen, tourists can hunt for the blue fire. It is an expensive natural
wonder that occurs only in two places in the entire universe. Mt bromo sunrise tour offers the stunning
and magical look of sunrise. Meanwhile, Ijen sunrise tour offers a rare sunrise above the acidic lake with
the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.


Bromo tour packages are offered from as low as 80 USD. It will be the cheapest world class tour with a
superb view. In addition, people can join Bromo ijen tour package for 150 USD. It offers double excellent
attractions. Package in ijen 3 days 1 night will be the best choice for a short trip with satisfying
benefits. Bromoijen tour and travel agent usually offer the Bromo and Ijen tour as one package.
In Ijen tour, travelers can explore the eastern part of Malang deeply. It offers Kalibaru village tour. It is a
wonderful village with a vast area of cocoa and coffee plantation. Tourists can go around the village by
cycling. The air is fresh while the atmosphere is peaceful. Besides, the village is a heritage of a colonial
era. The ancient locomotive, train, railway, tunnels are all the attractive icons of Kalibaru.

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