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Bunaken National Marine Park, One Whole Package of Miraculous Journey

The beauty of Indonesia is offered not only above the water but also under water. Indonesia is so rich with sea and the underwater garden will not be found somewhere else in the world. This country is so rich that the people do not know what to do with the amazing natural treasure. One of the most wonderful underwater gardens is in Bunaken. The Bunaken National Marine Park was established in 1991. This is a pioneer of Indonesia’s marine park. The park has a total width of 89,065 hectares. The wonderful part is that 97% of the surface is covered by clear and sparkling water. The rest is five islands around the area; Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain, and Siladen. The aquatic ecosystem in Bunaken has attracted not only tourists but also naturalists who want to explore and make a research on the marine parks.


The depth of this national marine park is extreme. The deepest base is measured as 1,566 m in Manado bay and the clear up bottom is approximately 40 m visibility. However, the temperature is refreshing since it is only around 27-29 C. The marine park is not only pretty but also the harbor of the highest level of biodiversity sea creatures in the world. Even, it is claimed that more than 70% sea animals and creatures species is here in Bunaken. The underwater view will be breathtaking as travelers can see any group of corals, fish, echinoderms, or sponges. Almost all kinds of fish and astonishing variety of corals are here as well. In Hawaii, there are 10 genera of corals while in Bunaken, the genera of corals are around 70. That is an amazing beauty that makes snorkeling a moment to treasure. Not to mention the 2,500 fish species which are slightly higher to that of Philippines.


Travelers can start the journey from Manado. Packed underwater travel is available for tourists to book. The rate is low for the amazing journey that they are about to experience. Travelers will be picked up from their hotels at 7.30 in the morning. In the dive center, they will receive snorkeling equipments and a free boat trip. Therefore, travelers do not have to bring their own fins, mask, and snorkel. They can go with light backpack and even enjoy 1 hour boat trip to Bunaken island without any heavy preparations. Once travelers arrive in Bunaken Island, they can jump into the water and see how the underwater life is more than incredible. There are several different spots for snorkeling and diving in this marine park and with the package, travelers will be able to enjoy all.


Taking the package is not a waste at all since travelers will be able to avoid troubles. They will instantly come to the right diving spots and even the package will make their lunch ready onboard. That is a comfort since most travelers do not know the rate for foods around the area. When the rate for lunch is included, it will give a lot cheaper price for the whole adventure.


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