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Cost Effective Guidelines of Indonesia Travel

Travelling to Indonesia for spending yearend holiday is never boring. Indonesia has too many travelling destinations for all adventurers. For those who are finding contented feeling of sightseeing and enjoying nature, Indonesia is the right place. If you are a trekker, Indonesia will give all that you want to experience.


When visiting Indonesia, the first thing to get prepared is the costs. Though the costs are relatively low, people can still make a good plan and saving as they know the guideline. For people who are travelling for affordable and middle class amenities, these cost guidelines will be helpful. Staying in a hostel will cost around 135,000 IDR per night for a shared room. Meanwhile, double private room costs 335,000 IDR per night. That is the rate for major cities and it will be cheaper for hostels outside major cities.


What about the food? Indonesia is the country of amazing flavors and it is always nice to wander around to taste local foods. The rate is extremely cheap since visitors can buy delicious foods starting at 7,000 IDR. A full local meal in street vendor or small food stall will cost only 15,000. Travelers who are a little hesitated to try local foods can simply order western foods that are not quite expensive; around 130,000 IDR for a solid meal.


Now, let’s talk about the transportation. Frankly speaking, Indonesia is kind of poor when it is related to transportation. It does not have well-managed transportation that sometimes, travelers have to suffer from a long wait and perhaps sudden cancelation. However, the transportation is not expensive at all. Even when tourists want to travel between islands, the transportation cost is low enough. Ferries cost around 70,000 IDR to cross East Java to Bali Island. Regular bus with eight hours journey costs around 80,000 while overnight bus will start from 130,000 IDR.


And there are always tricks to save a lot in the travel to Indonesia. To save a lot in food costs, travelers can eat in the street. On the way to a hostel, it will be nice to do have street side snacks. There are a lot of foods that are all tasty and offered in cheap price. Soups like soto and meatball, noodles of all kinds, and the traditional snacks will help travelers to save. For a lot cheaper foods, going to market and food stall nearby is recommended.


In addition, it is always recommended to bargain hard especially for souvenirs and clothes. Bargaining with sellers in Indonesia will give amusement and result in happy ending because almost all prices that the sellers quote are a little higher. With good bargaining skills, the price will be reduced a lot.


Rich natural wonders and enjoyments that travelers can experience in Indonesia are that affordable. However, travelers need to make a list and manage their budget when going to a metropolitan city or a big tourism destination like Bali. Most of the time, tourists spend too much because they do not know the options to take to make a saving.

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