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Experience the Life of Candirejo

If you are tired of enjoying city tours or culinary tours, it is the best time for you to try enjoying village tour. You will be able to find unforgettable experience through this journey. You will be surprised how village tour can leave you in amazement. One of the most beautiful village tours that are worth booking is Candirejo Yogyakarta. After watching the sunrise over Borobudur, one of the most iconic temples in Indonesia, you can continue your journey to Candirejo. You will be able to enjoy the traditional lifestyle of Javanese by riding on traditional horse cart (dokar). This will give you the first opportunity to explore the village and taste the traditional life of Candirejo.


Spending a holiday in a natural place is now a trend. City tours are no longer attractive because of the traffic jam. In a place like Candirejo, we will be able to learn a lot while relieving our stress by enjoying the simple and beautiful life. Located in Central Java, Candirejo is a perfect place to visit because it serves a traditional lifestyle of Javanese, which is beautiful and charming. In this village, travelers can spend a night or two just to learn how the kindhearted Javanese live and treat others.


This village offers an interesting tour package that covers culture tours, agro-tourism, and nature tourism.

The villagers will treat the visitors with their kindness. Going to this tour will give rewarding effects because travelers can enjoy traditional arts, home industries, and the precious local wisdom. Besides, traditional ceremony such as Nyadran is also performed annually in the village. Nyadran is a ceremony of delivering prayers to the ancestors, one rite of which is serving agriculture products in Mijil Mount.


This village is a wonderful destination for its natural scenery and the green atmosphere. The air is fresh so travelers can reduce their stress only by inhaling the healthy air. Besides sightseeing, tourists can enjoy bird watching in this village. Learning traditional herbal plants is also able to do here in Candirejo village. Besides, travelers will love how the village shows them to cultivate rice. Travelers can learn how to grow and harvest rice right from the expert farmers. When tourists come in the harvest time, they can go down the rice field and try harvesting the rice stems. Not to mention the joyous river activities that travelers can take pleasure in Candirejo village tours.


Candirejo is also comfortable because it has the cozy accommodation. It will be rewarding to stay a night in the village homes and get even closer with the villagers. To get souvenirs is easy because villagers offer handmade products such as traditional woven bags and mats. Besides, bamboo furniture and art works are also available to purchase for souvenirs.


Leaving a busy life and spend some times in Candirejo will give a precious experience. When travelers go back to their routines, they have at least refreshed their heart and soul so they can continue living their life wholeheartedly and faithfully, just like what they learned through Candirejo tours.

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