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Get Ready for Lava Tour Yogyakarta

There is always a silver lining in every cloud. That quote is perfectly reflecting what happens in Merapi after the last eruption. Merapi volcano leaves a very fertile soil and a wonderful lava tour right after the disaster over. Today, travelers can visit Merapi and enjoy its beauty through lava tour Yogyakarta. Merapi is well known for its majestic beauty and dangerous eruption. This volcano is located in the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This volcano perhaps is the most popular volcano in Indonesia because of the frequently changing status during its last eruption in 2010. This is even rated as the most active volcano in Indonesia and the world. Once in every four year, Merapi Volcano always erupts spewing lava and other material to the surrounding villages. Even though the villages are always in danger, people keep living in the areas and are hesitated to be evacuated.


Learning from Bromo villagers who are able to invite tourists to come visit the volcano, Merapi villagers also want to do the same by creating lava tour that offers a fantastic journey to view the scenery of Merapi and the after eruption condition.


Touring by Jeep


The first enjoyment that visitors will love is the jeep touring. They will go through the area from Tlogo Putri, Kalikuning, to the bunker in Kaliadem by off road vehicle before going back to Kaliurang. The track is totally extreme that people can get unforgettable experience only by reaching place to place. We can choose several different packages of tours. The longer one will bring visitors to the more priceless experience, including a tour to the famous “Mbah Marijan” tomb; a shaman leader that once lived around the volcano before its eruption attacked his house in 2010. Each place that will be visited has an interesting story.


Along the way, tourists will be able to enjoy a beautiful scenery, a destroyed village, overlaying sands, and of course the majestic Merapi volcano. The journey will face giant rocks spread around the road, tiny path, and extreme tracks. Tourists have to hold tightly for avoiding accidents during the tours and when the jeep goes through the river. This tour includes that wet activity and thus, it is necessary that tourist bring spare clothes with them.


  • Visiting Memorable Sites


Going to this lava tour is both pleasurable and haunting. This is so, because some of the tour spots bring travelers to a sad moment where the volcano erupted in 2010. That was a big eruption that damaged several villages around the volcano. We can see the remaining in the small museum that shows some possessions which are melted and damaged due to the eruption. This shows how the last eruption was severe and unpredictable. We can also visit the famous bunker of Kaliadem. This is the last stop in the tour. Before the eruption, this area is a green forest but today, Kaliadem is only a vast surface that is covered with volcano dusts and rocks.


Lava tours cost from 400,000 IDR to 550,000 IDR. The cost varied based on the package and the duration of the tour. Though some of the tour destinations are a little scary, we can still enjoy the journey and get pleasure in the beauty of the Merapi volcano. What are you waiting for, book and leave for it with us!


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