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Green Canyon of Pangandaran; Heaven on Earth

A famous television presenter of travelling program was asked in a talk show about his experience and about the best place that he loved the most. Among all tour destinations in Indonesia and the world, he said that the most gorgeous place is here in Indonesia, it is Pangandaran.


For those who live in four seasons countries, to explore jungles, rain forest, water fall, and other natural destinations will be more than interesting. However, for people who live in a tropical weather, such destinations will be quite ordinary. That is why beauty depends on the beholders. Yet, who can deny the beauty of a natural wonder like Green Canyon in Pangandaran. This site is not called Green Canyon for no reason. The place resembles Grand Canyon of Colorado but it is smaller and the color is green. The high cliffs along the area is covered with leaves, moss, and tree branches, and other kinds of vegetations. Therefore, the color is green. Besides, the place is full of trees and bushes as well; because of which, the air is clean and fresh in this site.


Green Canyon is located in Pangandaran, a small town in West Java. This sub district is ordinary in many ways but this place owns a breathtaking place with hidden river, spring, and high cliffs. It is so much fantastic to enjoy canoeing along the river while a fresh air and water splashing through the ways. People can stop by a vast area of quiet river just to swim or feel the cold water on their feet. This place feels like heaven because it spreads the color gradation of green, light green, deep green, and even tosca green that are the unique charm of tropical scenery. Besides, the water is so clear that people can feel like floating in the air while riding the canoe or boat. People can even see the fish swimming through the water surface. The experience will relieve stress and even can help people obtaining more energy. Not to mention how people can feel relaxed and forget all of their office tasks and anything.


Now, how to get to the heaven on earth?


This spectacular place is located in Pangandaran, West Java. Local residents call this place Cukang Taneuh and it is located in Kertayasa Village. People can get there by public transportation from Pangandaran bus station to Cijulang bus station for about one hour. From Cijulang bus station, we have to ride ojek (motorbike taxi). It will take us some minute to Green Canyon since it is only 3 km from Cijulang bus station. From Jakarta, it takes approximately 11 hours to get to this place but the beauty will paid it off.


Besides canoeing and rafting, we can also enjoy body rafting. We will be able to go down the river with floaters vest and old tires by ourselves for about 3 hours. The different streams will make the challenge more fantastic. For some times, we will enjoy the quiet stream but we will also face an extreme stream that brings us the thrill on some spots.


We do not have to pay too expensive rate for the excitement. We have to only pay 150.000 rupiahs to 250.000 rupiahs to enter this heaven. That is a low rate for the amazing enjoyments inside. We can also take a tour package but that will be for a group travel. For those who love travelling solo or those who like spending holiday with their family, this is a place that is worth trying.


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