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I Challenge You to Conquer Sukamade Beach!

Visiting Banyuawngi will not be enough without dropping by Sukamade Beach. Even before entering this site, we will already feel the thrill. We have to ride on off road jeep to go through the tough landscape of Sukamade. The scenery along the journey to reach Sukamade is also more than wonderful.


Sukamade is popular for its extreme jungle track that is also the natural habitat of sea turtles. Located in Sarongan village, sea turtles natural habitat will be ready to serve travelers with the so called amazement. This location is managed under Meru Betiri National Park. This beach is listed as one of the diamond triangle besides Lengkung Beach and Ijen Crater. It takes at least five hours by cars to reach Sukamade beach. It is approximately 100 kilometers from the city center of Banyuwangi. Before arriving in Sukamade beach, travelers can also visit two other beaches; Rajekwesi and Teluk Hijau. Rajekwesi Beach is a port of traditional fishermen while Teluk Hijau is an exotic beach with the stunning greenish blue water. The journey will be truly worth traveling.


Passing challenging road with mud and rocks by off road jeeps will give us unforgettable memories. Additionally, travelers will also go up the hills and pass rocky roads with natural tracks. The tough but enjoyable road track is about 30 kilometer. The last 10 kilomter before reaching Sukamade is the most thrilling one as the jeep has to go through a river. The water level is 40 to 100 cm. It will be a super fun travel!


The long journey will be paid off, as travelers arrive in Sukamade Beach. They can watch sea turtles laying eggs on the beach. The quietness of Meru Betiri National Park will leave people in astonishment. They can relate the journey with what life has served. Most of the time, we have to go through the hardship of life for so long. We have to face bad things and suffer a lot of wounds. However, when we can see that the journey is beautiful, when we can treasure each moment, and only scrutiny from the beautiful point of view, we will finally arrive in the right place, where we destined. We will be able to reach a place, though it is too quiet, in which we feel peaceful and happy. That is the core meaning of this very Sukamade tour.


After enjoying sea turtles conservation, we can enjoy cottage services in such area. We do not have to worry about the facilities. We can take a rest comfortably in the cottage. Besides, the area also offers camping ground with comfortable amenities. Staying one night or two in this place can give unmatched rewarding impacts for both local and international travelers. This place is the best destination for a corporate and family tour. Corporate tour will be unforgettable because a working team can enjoy team work games and various outdoor activities in this Sukamade Beach. Don’t feel hesitated to taste this natural pleasure.


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