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Ijen Crater- the Unmatched Beauty

When visiting East Java, we will be able to visit several exotic volcanoes that will leave us in astonishment. Indonesia is that amazing and even a dangerous volcano can be a great place to visit. One of them is Ijen Crater. Located in the frontier of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, this is a perfect destination for a traveler that loves challenge and natural beauty. This destination becomes a phenomenon as a French tourist reviewed this place in Geo, a famous French magazine in 1971. Nicola Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft wrote about Ijen Crater and the tough life around it. They were amazed with the rare beauty of Ijen and also the social condition of the sulfur chunks miners. Those two factors attract tourists and photographers to come visit Ijen Crater. The hardworking miners have shown the world how living in an acid mount can be that hard. They do the mining process traditionally and receive low income though the job often puts them in danger. They even have to inhale the unhealthy acid air and suffer from physical injury due to the overweight sulfur chunk loads.


Ijen is a crater with the highest acidity in the world. It has a caldera wall that reaches 500 meter and its width is approximately 5,466 hectare. The crater size is 20 kilometer with the depths of 300 meters under the caldera wall. With that breathtaking richness, Ijen Crater is definitely one of Indonesia’s prides.


Arriving in Ijen Crater, we will need to take a break and see how this very place delivers the charm in a very unique way. The scenery is more than stunning when the sunrise hits the crater. The morning sun light will illuminates the crater and reflects the water beautifully. The reflected color shows up a miraculous tosca green; the color that will make the tour treasured forever.


However, the magical scenery is a little dangerous. The crater has calm water that is steady without any significant stream. But that is hazardous because of the huge volume of 200 million meter cubic. Meanwhile, the temperature is 200 degree Celsius; the temperature that can melt anything in no minutes.


Besides the crater, we can also enjoy the scenery of acid field on the south east side of it. This spot releases volcanic gas with high acidity which often smells quiet strong. On the west, we will see an old dam which is the estuary of Banyupait River. This place is no longer functioning and to reach this place is not easy as well.


The best time in Dieng Crater is before dawn. The scenery is more than fantastic when the phenomenal blue fire shows. As acid liquid flows continuously under the crater, the high temperature creates the blue fire which only occurs in two countries; Island and Indonesia. To enjoy that amazing blue fire, visitors have to climb up at 2.00 am. During early in the morning, the temperature reaches 2 degrees Celsius. Such coldness will be paid off with all the prettiness served along the way there.


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