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Indonesia, Backpacking, and Anambas Archipelago

As backpackers arrive in a country, they will try hard to make their dream come true. Their dream covers vision and plans that they have in hands. Most of the time, people believe that backpackers just go whenever they want to go and bring only small amount of money. However, that is not quite true since a backpacker is a well-planned traveler. Though they have only a medium sized backpack and little possessions on their back, they have anything that they need to conquer a travel in certain place. To visit a country, backpackers must have done the research, know the weathers, budget estimations, and even the transportation to take to places they want to visit. They will also have real destinations and the plans to reach the place. Besides, usually backpackers do not use the destination that common tourist visit. They want to search the best place that is peculiar in a gorgeous way. In Indonesia, backpacking is totally pleasurable though facilities do not support it well. Compared to rich countries in Europe, Indonesia is not that comfortable for backpackers to visit. But this is perhaps the most enchanting place to visit due to its challenging features. Backpackers love the challenge and non-comfortable facilities though. To make backpacking more exciting, they usually choose a destination that will heal their thirst toward a distinctive journey. And if not for the luxury, Indonesia is always stunning to visit due to the uniqueness. There are always special places to visit in Indonesia and Anambas Islands are the ones that the backpackers search for.

Anambas archipelago located 150 nautical miles on the northeast of Batam Island. It is a small archipelago in the South China Sea. It is unique since it is located between Malaysian mainland to the west and Borneo Island to the east. Anambas is geographically part of Tudjuh Archipelago.

What turns this archipelago awesome is the snorkeling and diving spots. It is recorded as the most spectacular coastal in southeast Asia by CNN. One of the most beautiful island to dive explore is Pulau Bawah. This is a cluster of islets that surround three stunning lagoons. Therefore, travelers can not only enjoy one lagoon but three; each of which is awesome for snorkeling, scubadiving, and other beach enjoyments. Being listed the most spectacular coastal spot in Southeast Asia is no joke since Southeast Asia has unlimited beaches, seas, and lagoons that are all famous in the world.

The majority of Anambas population earns income from fishing. Some of the people also run fishing related industries. However, since tourism gains traction well, hostels and hotel rooms are available around the area. Even, homestays are also offered in islands.

Indonesia is that rich and unique that backpackers want to explore Indonesia more. However, the problem is usually in administrative cases but that are the common troubles in developing countries like Indonesia. But with the beauty and nature attractions such as Anambas Archipelago, Indonesia is still the place that is worth visiting.


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