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Indonesia VS Thailand 2nd Leg; Segara Anakan VS Puket

Lately, Indonesians are in a high level energy in supporting Indonesia National Team of Football. AFF Cup has been a national issue ever since Indonesia could never win in the final. Indonesia is runner up for more than three times. That is worse than Leonardo Di Caprio who never won the Oscar; before last event. However, this time, Indonesia is only one step closer to the champion. In the first leg final in Jakarta, Indonesia Team won and that was the beautiful gift since Indonesia has suffered from a lot of racism issues recently. This week, Indonesia will have to fight the battle in Thailand for winning the second leg. Indonesia and Thailand have been involved in the rivalry for several times. But today, we are not going to talk about this football thing further. We are going to compare two exotic things between Thailand and Indonesia.


Thailand has a wonderful beach that becomes phenomena during the era of The Beach movie. This movie tells the story of people who prefer to stay in a secret beach to enjoy the primitive but happy life there. That movie was filmed in Puket Beach, Thailand. The movie shot the most breathtaking parts of Puket. The green scenery, the blue sky, and the wonderful beach have captivated the world. That beach received higher attention from the world after the movie published all over the world. Yet, the exotic essence of the beach lost once the beach becoming popular and becomes high end destination.


But, the world still has an option. In Indonesia, almost similar beach is ready to give people the so called enchantment of exotic place. Indonesia even has many more beautiful beaches compared to Puket, Thailand. But, there is one unique place that can resemble the prettiness of Puket. That gorgeous beach is Segara Anakan; a hidden lagoon in the middle of a rainforest in small Sempu Island. That is an island across Sendang Biru Beach in Kabupaten Malang. The beach is awesome for thousand reasons.


Arriving at Malang city center, we have to go to Sendang Biru for about three hours by car. It takes approximately 70 km to reach the beach. After that, we have to ride a boat to get to Sempu Island for some minutes. As we drop by the beach across Sendang Biru, we have to go tracking for about an hour to reach the hidden paradise; Segara Anakan. This tracking experience will be memorable since we have to walk along the rainforest with its beautiful trees and mangrove.


This place is now too popular that the beauty is decreasing a lot. Just like the common notorious story of Indonesia, the place recently has been closed due to reservation. Sempu Island is originally part of conservation area that covers mangrove vegetation, lagoon, and lake around the area. When people are getting so much in love with the island, many people come every day causing noise and trash around the place. That is an embarrassment for those who concern about nature and conservation. That is why Sempu Island sometimes is closed by the authorities in order to give it a time for cleaning and reservation. Hopefully, people can come and enjoy this pretty lagoon with more concern of keeping it pure and stunning.


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