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Joining Kasodo Ceremony in Bromo

The traditional musicians play the music through the great hall of Ngadisari Village and Hindu Tengger tribe get ready to conduct a very serene rite of Yadnya Kasada. The symphony of such traditional music welcomes thousand of Hindu Tengger fellowships along with the local and international travelers who come for the ceremony. They all gather in such a place to conduct Yadnya Kasada reception; a beautiful rite of Tengger Tribe that is spread in 60 villages around Bromo Mount that covers the area of Probolinggo, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Malang.


The Sacred Dance Performance

Besides the magical music, the visitors can also enjoy such mysterious moments by watching Sembilan Dewa dance performance. It is a gorgeous dance that tells about the love story of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. This sacred dance has a deep meaning for the Tenggerese because it narrates the legendary story of Tengger tribe. It is a beautiful story about a loving couple who could not have any children for so long. After going to do a meditation and pray hard to the Almighty. They promised to sacrifice one of their children to the Bromo crater once they get them. God seemed to answer their prayer by giving 25 children. However, the couple forgot about the previous promise. All of the kids refused the idea besides the first kid; Jaya Kusuma. He was then sent to Bromo crater to meet Brahma that later pronounced as Bromo by Tenggerese. That first child said that Tenggerese had to keep the rite of serving the crater with some of the harvests in order to please Bromo. The rite should be conducted in 14th of Kasada month based on Tengger Calendar. The ancient mistake has given Tenggerese good thought about promise; they are afraid of making promise if they do not feel like keeping it. The dance has been performed for centuries and shamans forbid to change the choreography unless Bromo volcano activity will react. Even the costume of the dancers should never be modified, said the shamans.


The Sacrifice


After the evening reception, the ceremony is continued with the rite of Yadnya Kasada in Pura Agung (Agung Temple). It is a kilometer from the crater of Bromo. Thousands of Hindu Tengger people wear their traditional clothes and walk five kilometers from their villages to Agung Temple at 12 am. They march to the crater while holding fruits, vegetables, and foods. The rite will go on all night though the weather sometimes gives them a hassle.


The worshipers then sit nicely and listen to the prayer and symphony of praise. Shamans and Tengger leaders wear all white clothes and tie a traditional scarf on their head. They keep praying while burning incense. The harvest supplies are placed neatly in front of the leaders. Before dawn, a shaman leader will narrate the legendary story of Tengger followed by prayers and incantation. After that, they all get ready to walk to Bromo crater to throw the offerings to the crater. That ceremony is beyond beautiful. The traditional ceremony is full of magic and faithfulness. This gorgeous rite has been invited tourists to come and join that ceremony while enjoying the beauty of Bromo.

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