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Valuing Life on a Lorry Tour in Kalibaru Village, Banyuwangi

Tour in Kalibaru Village, Banyuwangi


Leaving for a vacation means finding some refreshments that can help us relieving the stress of routines. However, we often forget that to enjoy a vacation should also give us a rewarding effect. To enrich our soul and mind with something valuable is also the core meaning of a vacation. That is why we need to try traveling to a place where enjoyments are not served through extravagance entertainments. We have to try finding the essence of luxury through something like a village. One of the most beautiful places that have exotic villages is Indonesia. And among the villages, Kalibaru Village is definitely one of the most stunning ones. Kalibaru tour would be one of the unforgettable journeys.


Located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Kalibaru Village owns hidden beauty that travelers have to reveal. Banyuwangi has been long known as the Sunrise of Java. Banyuwangi is competing tightly with the nearby paradise, Bali. Banyuwangi’s Kalibaru Village is an interesting place that is naturally gorgeous. So, visiting this place will remind travelers with the prettiness of natural life value. This village offers farms and traditional train tours. Kalibaru, the beauty of which is unmatched, will give travelers truly what they want to get through their journey. This is another attraction other than that listed in Magnificence of Indonesia, What Else after Bali Island you should never miss when you are travelling to Indonesia.


Gandrung Dance


Travelers will be surprised with this welcome dance. Kalibaru is located on the far west part of Banyuwangi. Before entering Kalibaru, travelers should pass Gumitir Mount area by cars or motorbike. In this place, travelers will receive a warm welcome of Gandrung Banyuwangi.




Kalibaru Village lies on 428 meter from the sea level. It has prosperously fertile soil because it is surrounded by many volcanoes such as Terong, Raung, Gumitir, and Menyan Volcanoes. The temperature is cool and humid. The temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius in the morning, which is comfortable and refreshing for urban people who want to inhale refreshing air. Because of the fertility, Kalibaru Plantation has been explored widely as farming area of coffee, cocoa, tea, rubber, and pine. Enjoying such beautiful farms by traditional horse cart will leave a deep impression for all travelers. Kalibaru is so gorgeous that it has been long visited by European travelers, especially from the Dutch and Belgium. Mostly, visitors come in groups or with families. For the Dutch travelers, visiting Kalibaru will be like tracing the achievements of their ancestors.


What are Left by the Colonialism?


One of the most exciting pleasures in Kalibaru is the train tunnel of Merawan as one of historical sites. Travelers can get on the tours of small lorry to enjoy the fantastic scenery. It has a bending train tracks that includes 670 meter tunnel with 4.3 meter height and 4.4 meter width. The scenery is definitely unparalleled. The beautiful scenery is somewhat so calming and leaving dramatic impression for all the travelers.


Culinary Tours


After spending some times with the lorry and Kalibaru Plantation tour, travelers can taste the exotic culinary of Kalibaru Village. Pecel is one of the special dishes. It is a Javanese traditional salad that comes with peanut sauce as dressing. Alternately, rawon; a gourmet soup of beef is recommended. Check out upcoming updates for another review of gorgeous places in Indonesia.

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