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Komodo National Park; More than Adventurous

In 2011, Indonesia’s Komodo National Park has been listed on the New Seven Wonder of Nature by UNESCO. This national park is located in Nusa Tenggara and is one of the most gorgeous islands in Indonesia. We can not only enjoy wonderful natural richness but also Komodo, the living dragon.


Most travelers who visit Indonesia want to take pleasure in the natural beauty and this National Park is surely one of the best. People can do trekking as well as snorkeling in the area. Besides, the place offers underwater beauty that makes everyone want to dive and get overwhelmed.


Trekking in this National Park will be an amazing journey since visitors are able to wander around the island watching Komodo from the nearest space possible. We can see the Komodo hunts its prey or simply watch it while taking a rest. We might have seen komodo a lot through television and internet but the real Komodo will be so much different. The size of real Komodo is both terrifying and stunning.


Assisted by a ranger of a guide, we will be able to walk save. Before leaving for the journey, the ranger will give us essential briefing for safety. We will be given a stick that function is for pressing Komodo neck in case something dangerous occurs. The stick tames the Komodo in a sudden. However, the more important thing is that we have to be very careful with movement. Rapid movements are not allowed because Komodo is sensitive toward sudden movement.


Visiting Komodo Island in Komodo National Park will be a one package with a beach tour around the archipelago. Besides the awesome underwater garden, we can also visit Pink Beach. This beach is called pink beach for no reason. It has beautiful sand that looks pink during certain hours. This pink beach is one of seven beaches in the world that captivates people with reddish sand. The color was created due to the red coral that spread around the beach. The reddish color is more vivid when the sand is wet.


That pink beach is absolutely the most romantic beach where people can go honeymoon or perhaps do a marriage proposal. Doing romantic things in a tropical place is never boring. Couples can sit under a coconut tree while having pineapple juice with a cute umbrella on it.


Visiting Komodo National is a one package tropical tour that travelers will never regret. The beauty of green scenery and pink sand that resemble natural wonder can never give bad experience. Meanwhile, people can also get pleasure from an adventurous tour of Komodo watching. Travelling solo to this place will leave a memorable feeling while a family can take the tour for closing this year with fun. High season is not actually the best time to go to this place. However, people can still find it amusing to book a travel during Yearend or holiday seasons. The rate is not that high during high seasons but will be a little lower in non holiday times.


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