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Lawang Sewu; Haunting yet Beautiful

Differ from a journey that shows comfort and beauty, Lawang Sewu owns special charm that is covered within a mystery. In Indonesia, there are various places which are not only beautiful in terms of architecture and nature. This is so, because Indonesia has been invaded by Dutch for centuries and Japan for several years- though the scars left by Japan are deeper though. Therefore, there are many places and buildings in Indonesia that are claimed to be haunted and mysterious in a thrilling way. During the colonialism, Indonesia was full of wonderful buildings which were designed with Dutch architecture. The buildings are still useful and even utilized for government occupations. However, during the transition of Japan era, murder and chaos occurred in many Dutch buildings. That was the reason behind the mystery in almost all Dutch sites in Indonesia. One of the most exciting places is Lawang Sewu.


Lawang Sewu is located in Semarang and was a center of train office owned by the Dutch. The building was originally constructed for running a Train Company during the colonialism. Today, this building is occupied by Indonesia authority for similar purposes. Lawang Sewu means a thousand doors which resemble the architecture which show many doors. The doors are only 342 but that number is huge for a single building that runs a company; not a palace of a monarchy. However, when we see the building clearly, the doors are not originally an entrance- instead they are windows that size are wide. Hence, people assume that the windows are doors.


Built in 1904 by Dutch architect Jacob F. Klinkhamer and Bj. Queendag, this building looks amazing for various photo shoots. The first constructed building was printing site and gate. Expansion was then done from 1916 to 1918. Lawang Sewu has been through renovation several times and now it has proper lighting that visitors can enjoy this place even in the evening. However, the mystery will be there as people hear the rumors that occur frequently in such pretty place. People even use the mystery as attraction since many people start coming during evening for hunting the creepy moments.


Since this building has a dark history with murder during the colonial era, many visitors claim to have seen ghosts in some area at this place. Most of those visitors said that the ghost of a Dutch lady often appears in Lawang Sewu building. Another haunting place is an old well. There are also prisons and isles which also look so much creepy. This place was originally an office but during Japan invasion, massive murder occurred and thus this building also has a torture areas now leave a dark and disturbing atmosphere.


Lawang Sewu is indeed old and needs some renovation. New facilities and improvements are made for giving this building originality inside a new restoration. New painting and repairs are conducted really carefully so this building can preserve the natural appealing look. Lawang Sewu is opened for public after a big restoration in 2011. The Entrance ticket is relatively cheap; 10,000 IDR for adults and 5,000 IDR for children and students. For a dungeon tour, visitors have to pay additional cost for 30,000 IDR. Going to a haunting place like Lawang Sewu will give people more than an experience. They will be lost in time by seeing the detail architecture and calm ambiance of Lawang Sewu.


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