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Pack for a Stunning Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a one stop tour destination that serves royal culture, culinary, fashion tours, and natural wonders. To visit this city will give us a warm feeling of being home. For those who have much time to travel while contemplating their heart, this city is definitely the right choice. Many will mention Borobudur Temple when it is about Yogyakarta. It is no longer a secret that Yogyakarta and several areas around it are the home for royal and magical heritage such as Borobudur, Ratu Baka, and Prambanan Temple. For cheap souvenirs, clothes, and street culinary enjoyments, Malioboro is the best place. However, there are actually many other places where visitors will lost in excitement while visiting Yogyakarta. Here are several attractive places where travelers can get pleasure in and release their tiredness in no time.

Ramayana Prambanan Trimurti

Bali has its majestic Barong dances that can leave audiences in amazement while Yogyakarta has its Ramayana Prambanan Trimurti dance show. When visiting Prambanan, travelers can now experience something this precious. Instead of only take a walk and take a thousand selfies, it is better for the travelers to enjoy this culture richness. The show combines dances, songs, and dialogues based on the Ramayana script. This dance performance has been conducted since 1961 but today, the lighting and stage technology has been improved for creating a better quality. The dance performance is held both indoor and outdoor. The outdoor performance shows only during dry season around April to September. Taking the Prambanan as a background, the dance show is one of the most beautiful in the world. The show itself has absorbed at least 129,000 visitors annually. Tickets are opened from 40,000 IDR to 400,000 IDR, the rates varied based on the seats.

Sendang Sono

This is the Lourdes of Indonesia. Sendang Sono is one of the most gorgeous pilgrimages for Catholic worshipers in Yogyakarta. The atmosphere is refreshing and quiet. It is located in Menoreh hills where peacefulness is offered. People can simply come to pray or enjoying the serene atmosphere. The scenery is calming while the architecture is stunningly unique. The famous spot in this location is Maria Cave. We do not have to pay a ticket to enter this magical place.

Pandansimo Beach

This beach is not so popular compared to Parangtritis Beach but the beauty is unmatched. This is a perfect beach for those who love outdoor ATV activities. Along the sea shore, we will be able to find culinary huts that serve unbelievably delicious sea foods. This beach is located in remote area and thus it has a peaceful atmosphere which is good for doing a family or corporate picnic. The entrance ticket is extremely cheap; 3,000 IDR, the similar price of a pack of instant noodles.

Wedi Ombo Beach

This is a good destination for those who love extreme beach fun activities. This beach has a strong coral rock clusters in several spots. This beach also has high waves; 3-4 meters. Though the water is rather unfriendly, this beach is still lovable since travelers can enjoy the beautiful white sands and memorable beach scenery while tasting the sea foods. Additionally, travelers can try roasted grasshoppers here; extreme yet unique!

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