Ijen Tour (From Surabaya or Malang) 2Day 1Night

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East Java

Indonesian: Jawa Timur, abbreviated as Javanese is a province of Indonesia.

Are you dreaming of an adventure to Ijen crater? Or are you a natural wonder lover who wants to conquer this majestic place? You can simply pack your bag and let us guide your precious tour. The most comfortable journey to a majestic place like Ijen should be planned well. Therefore, you will need to entrust experienced tourist guide like us. We will make your journey lasts.

We will be pleased to pick you up from Surabaya or Malang. We will give hotel and other itinerary that matches your willingness. Next, we will guide you to Ijen Crater and leave in amazement. Ijen crater gained popularity in Europe since it was featured in international magazine in 1970s. The world starts recognizing this spectacular landscape and the beauty is truly not a myth.

Here are the spots that you can conquer in Ijen: Sunrise by the turquoise acidic lake, short trekking with breathtaking scenery, hunting Blue Fire, viewing vast area of steaming acid water, sightseeing and learning a superb life of Ijen sulfur miners, enjoy local culinary, enending joy of experiencing precious journey


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Je me suis inscrit avec ma femme pour un trip privé avec l'AGENCE Java Travelline, entre le 22-24 Juillet 2016. Nous lui avons demande de nous prévoir Surabaya – Bromo - Ijen Tour trois jour deux nuit Le Trip, c'est super bien passé avec cette petite agence local sérieuse, sympathique et vraiment pas cher.

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DAY 1 - Surabaya – Sempol village

It takes 6 hours driving from Surabaya airport to Sempol, the nearest village to Ijen Crater. The car directly transfers you to reach Ijen Plateau and the world’s famous coffee plantation of Catimor Homestay. Build in 1894 by the Dutch, Catimor Homestay is partly constructed in bamboo building.


This classic and solid construction is strong enough to accommodate more than 50 people. The visitor can take standard, triple or superior room (based on your preference) at which every room is furnished by hot tub filled with water from a natural hot spring containing sulfur. Although the closest building to the crater is Catimor Homestay, visitor still needs about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Ijen Crater; 30 minutes driving and 2 hours on foot. Temperature at night around 9° C requires you to take along warm clothes or jacket to stand the cold weather.


Front yard of the homestay has natural hot spring water near swimming pool and hot bath. For this enjoyable moment, wet suit is required. End of the day 1 is spent at this homestay to stay overnight.

DAY 2 - Sempol village – Ijen Crater – Ketapang port – Gilimanuk Port

Day 2 starts by transferring you to Paltuding post for about 30 minutes at midnight. Arriving at Paltuding post, visitors are guided to take a walk for 2 hours to reach Ijen Crater. Visitors need to carry flashlight for this midnight walking. If it is full moon period, the moon light will help a lot. Arriving at 02.30 AM, having midnight walking allows you to enjoy the magnificent and blazing blue flames of burning molten sulfur at the rim of Ijen Crater before the sun rises.


When the sun rises, you will see huge deep turquoise lake that is deep in color as well as depth. The beauty of the lake is surrounded by clear smooth rock cliffs standing around the lake for generations. Be careful of sulfur gas carried away by the blowing wind at the peak of Ijen Crater requiring you to carry a reliable gas mask for sulfur gas protection. Leaving Ijen Plateau and driving down to Ketapang harbor will be done after packing and having breakfast box. The car will directly transfer you to pass across Bali Strait to continue your next trip in Bali Island or your hotel in Bali, or hotel/airport in Surabaya.


Note: Hotel and program itinerary choices are available for your convenience and preference


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