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East Java

Indonesian: Jawa Timur, abbreviated as Javanese is a province of Indonesia.

Bromo Tengger National Park is the most desired destinations of Indonesia and international hikers. It has wonderful trekking landscape and will give mount climber unforgettable experience. Hikers say that they are not deserved to be called as mount climber before conquering Semeru.

Through Semeru, you will be able to view wonderful scenery of pine forest. You will get lost with the natural outfit of the trekking path. In the middle of the journey, you will be able to enjoy serene atmosphere in Ranu Kumbolo Lake. The true adventure is begun with this itinerary:

The tour starts with pick up at the airport, train station, hotels, and kicking off to Malang-Tumpang. It takes 3 hours from Surabaya. Taking a rest and getting prepared for Ranu Pane trekking. Then trekking to Ranu Pani, Ranu Kumbolo, and also Kalimati. After experiencing soft trekking, you will stay in a camp to get prepared for summit journey in the midnight.


Waking up at 12.00 am and starts climbing on the challenging ground. From Kalimati, Arcapada, to the Semeru Summit 3676 meters.  Bromo Sunrise hunting. Trekking to Semeru and Bromo will unite our soul and heart with the nature and mother earth.

Opening season: May – November during dry season


Temperature may reach between 2 °C and 15 °C.


Start From 100 $ / Person

Je me suis inscrit avec ma femme pour un trip privé avec l'AGENCE Java Travelline, entre le 22-24 Juillet 2016. Nous lui avons demande de nous prévoir Surabaya – Bromo - Ijen Tour trois jour deux nuit Le Trip, c'est super bien passé avec cette petite agence local sérieuse, sympathique et vraiment pas cher.

Maurice Bordarier





DAY 1 - Surabaya – Malang – Ranu pane

Our fully-air conditioned car/minibus picks you up at Surabaya airport. We suggest that your flight shall land before 00 A.M. The car then transfers you directly to Malang for thorough medical checkup before trekking. As a Standard Operating Procedure, the medical checkup can save visitor from unexpected hazards. The minibus/car is changed with 4 WD jeep, and it drives up and down to Ranu pane, the closest village at the foot of Mount Semeru. 2.5 hours driving to Ranu pane through countryside lets you to enjoy apple plantation and tropical rainforest. Arriving at the first base camp of Ranu pane, take a rest and spend one night at a mountain lodge. The place is about 2,100 meters above sea level. Accommodation available for one night stay is homestay.

DAY 2 - Ranu Pane – Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati

Trekking tour to Ranu Kumbolo starts after having breakfast. It takes 13 kilometers to arrive there (2,400 meters above sea level). At noon, while preparing the lunch, you can enjoy the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo Lake or take some photographs. The lake has pure water and if you are lucky, you can take pictures of wild grouse flying in the sky.


Further trekking to Kalimati will be steeper and harder, but don’t miss the magnificent lake behind you from the spot where you stand. Kalimati is at 2,700 meters above sea level when you will have your dinner and stay overnight in an open savannah. It is the best place to monitor Mount Semeru and see stars in the night sky. Accommodation available at this high spot is tent.

DAY 3 - Kalimati – Mahameru – Ranu Pane – Bromo

On day 3, you are required to wake up at midnight to start trekking to Arcapada (2,900 meters above sea level). Head lamp is mandatory for this night view trekking. Trekking to the summit of Mount Semeru called Mahameru at 3,676 meters above sea level takes 3-4 hours through steep sand dune. All goods you have shall be left in Arcapada or Kalimati to make your movement easy and light in weight. Make yourself enjoy the sunrise from the top, but it depends on the weather.


Sunrise may be blocked by occasional eruption from the vent locally named as Jonggring Saloka Crater. Visitor shall stand back minimum 500 meters away from the vent. After witnessing the sunrise, go back to Kalimati to take a rest and have breakfast, and further walk down to Ranu Kumbolo for lunch. In the afternoon, walking down to Ranu Pane and taking 4WD jeep will transfer you to Cemoro Lawang village. You will stay overnight near Mount Bromo. Accommodation available in Bromo area will be homestay.

DAY 4 - Bromo – Surabaya/Malang

You will be woke up at midnight to join another jeep to reach the viewpoint in Mount Penanjakan (2,700 meters above sea level) as the best spot to witness the sunrise in Mount Bromo area. The jeep then drives you back to the homestay to have breakfast. Our car then transfers you back to Surabaya airport, but you have an option to continue your tour and combine them with other program.


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