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The Mystical Atmosphere on the Semeru Festival 2016

Semeru Festival 2016


The unforgettable thing in a journey is when tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature. However, the travel will be awesome as they can also learn culture through their journey.  And when they can feel both of those precious experiences, it will be an invaluable travel. That expensive experience will not be easily found. People can travel to luxurious place and they can also visit wonderful places that offer culture exposure but nothing like in Indonesia. In every place with superb natural tourism spot in Indonesia, culture exposure is always attractive. Semeru Festival 2016 offered both nature and culture experienceRecently, this  festival is held to show the richness of Bromo and Tengger culture.



Trackers, mount climbers, and tourists all know that Bromo Tengger National Park is one of the most inviting mountain in Indonesia. With the festival that offers that ethnic and culture exposure, it will be more attractive to visit Ranu Pani Village in semeru festival, the village of Semeru feet. The festival is held for delivering gratitude for all the happiness and blessing that people around that national park received. Besides, the festival is arranged for preserving the culture of Tengger. The beautiful thing is that this festival is purely initiated by communities for showing their gratitude to God. For those of you who planning to go on vacation to Bromo Tengger National Park, these following tips may help you.



Going back to the hubbub of the festival, the arrangement covered several unique features including a carnival with traditional foods serves and various dances. Native Tengger brought Tumpeng; a traditional culinary of yellow rice with seven dishes that is cooked for local thanksgiving. The carnival included horse riding and shaman parade. Just to hear that all of the shamans will gather around the festival is already give a chill. They will dress up traditionally with head covers and all the ethnic accessories. They will also burn incense to serve the soul of ancestors. That smoke smells fragrant and adds the mystic atmosphere of the festival. On that sacred day, Ranu Pani villagers believe that their ancestors’ souls will come and join their celebration.


The carnival was then become more colorful with Kuda Lumping dance and Bantengan parade. Kids and adults dance along the village with the replica of horse and bulls as their dancing properties. Kuda Lumping itself is one of a sacred traditional dance from East Java. Traditional music instrument like gamelan was played and the area was suddenly full of mystic air. semeru festival 2016


The following day, people go around Ranu Pani Lake to clean the area together and also remove Salvinia Molesta; free-floating plants growing uncontrollably on the surface of the lake. The festival is not so distinct if compared to the same cultural festival in the island of Java. Even, the occasion is quite humble as people around the world has come and see the majestic Ranu Pani and Bromo Tengger national park. However, the mystic and exotic atmosphere created by the festival truly gives people more reason to come and enjoy this natural park. Enjoying the beauty of nature and learning the ethnic richness at the same time will tourists more than a story in their journey in East Java, Indonesia. semeru festival 2016


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