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Spending Two Nights in a Heaven; Wae Rebo, East Nusa Tenggara

In the middle of a busy afternoon, when people are about to go home from work or schools, life will suddenly feel easy as they are heading to a place where they can relaxed. Though traffic jam will usually trap people in an uncomfortable situation, they will still feel easy because at least, their working time is over. However, the same hectic day will repeat in the next day and that is stressful for many reasons. That is why, people need vacation in a place with a different tone should be experienced in order to reduce the stress of their normal life.


There are actually many different places in the world which can show people different way of life, different scene of life. However, there are only some places that can really give people deep meaning in a simple way. It does not have to be a place like a paradise fall like the one in the Up movie. It can be a village, where people can see how simple life, the natural way of living, is something that the world needs to be happy.


Indonesia has that kind of place. It is Wae Rebo Village in East Nusa Tenggara. This is a world heritage site of UNESCO that is both peaceful and charming. To reach this site, travelers have to go through hard and challenging path. The road is somehow dangerous for women but local people will give hands to all the travelers, especially women. As travelers reach the destination the hardship will be paid off.


Feeling the different life will be like being lost in time and Wae Rebo will make it true. People will not believe that this kind of place exists in the era of smart phone. Arriving at the village, traveler will find a magic. The true charm of an ancient place where people do not have to worry about deadlines is here in Wae Rebo. The village is built in a hill. There are only seven traditional houses stand there. The hill is always covered by cloud and thus it looks like a village in a heaven. Going to this place is like wandering in a fantasy land.


What to ride to reach this heaven?


From Labuan Bajo, travelers have to reach the last village of Denge for at least 3 hours. It is not easy to go to this drop zone before hiking to Wae Rebo. People can use motorbike but to rent it is not easy at all. Usually, travelers have to rent the motorbike from a family where they stay in. However, this will not be easy since the families will also use the motorbike for their transportation. The way to Wae Rebo is long but travelers can still find a lodge around the area. In Dintor village, people can find Wae Rebo Lodge that is owned by Mr. Martinus Anggu. This lodge is the best place for travelers to stay in before leaving for trekking to Wae Rebo. Travelers have to do a rite before staying two nights in Wae Rebo and the rite will be delivered in Manggarai language. Therefore, travelers have to use a guide. The cost for staying in Wae Rebo is 325.00 IDR for each trekker and the guide will be charged 100.000 IDR. That is not expensive for the beauty and charm of Wae Rebo will give people another motivation for living this tough life.

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