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The Reasons for Conquering Semeru Mount Annually

Upon hearing the stories behind a mountain climbing experience, I wondered why the climbers want to go back even though they suffer from wounds and injuries. They always got back black and blue yet so happy. They told the stories with joy on their face and even they laugh at their misery from their previous experience. I heard the stories right from my brother in law and his friends who go mount climbing to Semeru annually.


The answers that I got from the trackers are somehow super thrilling and hilarious. Here are some experiences that I recorded from their stories. First of all, they love the volcano due to its challenge. Semeru is the highest peak of volcano in the island of Java; 12,060 ft. This is an active volcano that keeps erupting with irregular basis. That is why, Semeru is often closed and it will be prohibited for the trackers to climb it. However, climbers are never afraid to go back and forth to conquer this majestic volcano. The temperature is bothering as well that makes them go back home with dry skin and bad tanned all over their face. Sometimes, they have to restore their true complexion after a week or two.


Secondly, Semeru is extraordinary because it is pictured and exposed in various media. People can see the beauty of Semeru through commercials. Once the picture appears in televisions as parts of commercials people will want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of it afterwards. People will love the way a manly and handsome man sitting on a stone on the peak of the volcano and sip their smoky coffee. And who can deny the special moment of enjoying spicy noodle on the mountain. That is so expensive. That is why, Semeru never fails to invite people to come.


Meanwhile, Mount Semeru is inviting not only for the tracking path but also for the mysterious features. The name, history, and culture involved are related to Hindu-Budhist mythical mountain; Meru. That will lead the trackers for conquering it with special feeling. In addition, the different climbing mates and different time of tracking will result different experience. Besides, it has various spots that trackers will find nowhere else in the world.


Some mountains are only good when people have reached the peak but Semeru is beautiful in every single cold breeze that it blows. People can enjoy hills that is popular among climbers and called affectionate path. The steep path is not yet so challenging but people believe that when they can go up the path without looking back, they will find their true love soon after. That is funny since people are not climbing up a mountain with that ridiculous, romantic spirit. However, that still works. Besides, people will love the camping area along the Ranu Pane. One of my brother in law’s friends lost his tracking shoes in this area but he said it was okay. The team then say that they will gather some money to buy a new one for him. Semeru makes those boys growing mature. That is something. Some climbers even say that it is the most memorable moment of climbing Semeru when bad things occur then they can solve it with their humanity.


Semeru mountain is steep rising abruptly but trackers can always enjoy their moment since they can feel Indonesia through the pine trees along the ways. As they reach the last path, they will usually need some times to take a breath. However, it is a culture in Semeru tracking or perhaps in most Indonesia mountain that warm relationship among the trackers are enough to help trackers to go up to Mahameru Peak.


The last path is covered with sand and not a solid rock or soil. In every three steps up, the trackers will fall two steps down. That is the hardest time for the climbers to do but that is the art of climbing Semeru. The trackers will usually go hand in hand to reach the peak and when they are there, they will feel like owning the whole universe. That is why the climbers will want to go back to Semeru. Some says that it will take five years for the climbers to heal their wounds go back but some of the trackers keep coming back annually to enjoy the wonderful feeling of victory to conquer this very volcano.


What about you, guys? Do you feel the call of Semeru to your adventurous spirit? Make sure to check any upcoming festivals held by locals like Semeru Festival 2016.

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