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Tips on Preparing Bromo Volcano Tour to Satisfy Your Thirst for Adventure

Bromo Volcano Tour active volcano located in East Java is one of the most stunning peaks that reach 7,641 feet. It is located in the massif of Bromo Tengger. Though Bromo Mount is not the highest peak, visitors will feel amazed because on this well-known peak, breathtaking scenery will get people lost in astonishment.   The …


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The Reasons for Conquering Semeru Mount Annually

Upon hearing the stories behind a mountain climbing experience, I wondered why the climbers want to go back even though they suffer from wounds and injuries. They always got back black and blue yet so happy. They told the stories with joy on their face and even they laugh at their misery from their previous …


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The Mystical Atmosphere on the Semeru Festival 2016

Semeru Festival 2016   The unforgettable thing in a journey is when tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature. However, the travel will be awesome as they can also learn culture through their journey.  And when they can feel both of those precious experiences, it will be an invaluable travel. That expensive experience will not …


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The Breathtaking Rinjani Mount in Lombok, another Volcanic Attraction

Leaving for a travel destination is always an excited moment. However, people need to always think about several stuffs when it comes to travel destination. During year end and Christmas holiday, everyone seems want to enjoy vacation in popular destinations.Many people arrange their holiday to center of vacation spots such as Bali and Yogyakarta. For …


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