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Green Canyon of Pangandaran; Heaven on Earth

A famous television presenter of travelling program was asked in a talk show about his experience and about the best place that he loved the most. Among all tour destinations in Indonesia and the world, he said that the most gorgeous place is here in Indonesia, it is Pangandaran.   For those who live in …


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Get Ready for Lava Tour Yogyakarta

There is always a silver lining in every cloud. That quote is perfectly reflecting what happens in Merapi after the last eruption. Merapi volcano leaves a very fertile soil and a wonderful lava tour right after the disaster over. Today, travelers can visit Merapi and enjoy its beauty through lava tour Yogyakarta. Merapi is well …


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Experience the Life of Candirejo

If you are tired of enjoying city tours or culinary tours, it is the best time for you to try enjoying village tour. You will be able to find unforgettable experience through this journey. You will be surprised how village tour can leave you in amazement. One of the most beautiful village tours that are …


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3 Best Destinations for Women Travelers in Indonesia

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