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Taking Pleasure in the Colorful Malang, East Java

The atmosphere of Malang will always remind people to a home. It is a city with good temperature and clean air that is more than homey. For Malang residents, or for those who have spent some of their life time living in Malang, this city must have given beautiful memories. Malang is not a big city with extravagance facilities and entertainments like metropolitan places. However, Malang will give comfort that can never be valued with money.


This city has various attractions that is found nowhere else. Even, the charming city has the beauty that is created naturally. This place has several volcanoes that will serve climbers with breathtaking experiences. Affordable trains like Matarmaja are always full of trackers with their heavy carrier bags, ready for exploring Malang. Not only in Augusts, the mount climbers keep coming the whole year for going up to Semeru and Bromo Tengger National Park. They never lose their passion to conquer the mounts and the mounts never fail to charm the trackers.


Besides the magnificent mounts, Malang is also captivating in a simple way. Tourists do not have to visit expensive food court to enjoy high level culinary tour. People do not have to visit resort of high class cottage to enjoy different kind of enjoyment. This city will serve everyone right from their home stay or guest house. In every place in Malang, along the road in every sub district, people can find street food vendors that call upon their customers with their conventional tools.


Malang has an advanced technology in delivery service. It is a one giant step ahead compared to other cities in Indonesia and perhaps all cities in the world. People do not have to go to enjoy Malang culinary, but the delicious culinary dishes will come to people. This very city dishes up various kinds of foods that the taste will be irresistible. Bakso Malang (Malang Meatball) is one of them. Not only for the tourist, Malang residents find it never boring to enjoy this food. Malang Meatball is a signature dish of Malang that can be found on the street through starred Hotels. Malang Meatball is offered in a traditional wheeled vendor card and also in restaurants with contemporary atmosphere. Two Bakso Malang vendors that worth trying are Bakso President and Bakso Kota Cak Man.


For those who love exotic tour, Malang is on the top list. It has the most breathtaking beaches that are naturally formed. The south coast of Malang is long and amazing. The south line of Malang is opened for natural beaches with different atmospheres. East Malang, especially on the area of Sumbermanjing Wetan, new beaches are even constructed with better facilities and beauty. The exotic beaches are opened with affordable rates which make both domestic and international tourist feel comfortable for spending holidays there. Additionally, government has built good access that is called Jalur Lintas Selatan ( South Traffic Lane) for giving ease to reach those places. Balekambang, Ngliyep, Banyu Anjlok, Goa China, Modangan, and Sipelot are some of those beauties.


For people with free spirits who want to taste travel enjoyments of all colors, Malang is the perfect destination. This city is pretty even if people enjoy it only from a small coffee stall; a cup of hot coffee is more than enough to deliver peace to the heart of the tourists. Malang is the sweetness of legendary ice cream in Oen Shop. Malang will always a wonderful home for adventurers who are willing to find the uniqueness of a travel.

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