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Tasting Godoh Gedang in Bedugul Bali

Culinary services are always parts of a travel. When people arrange their travel, one thing that always crosses into minds is foods. People might be able to eat anything when it is in their own country, but different countries and culture often provide huge difference in food tastes. However, unique culinary products and signature dish in every country will always be inviting. Indonesia is unquestionable for that culinary excellence. Even, Indonesia’s foods are listed in the most delicious foods in the world. And almost everyone agrees that it is not too much for a Rendang to be placed in the first rank. Satay and fried rice are lower on the list. However, the world has not talked further over Indonesia snacks and desserts. Indonesia is rich with culinary products, creations, and tastes. Both traditional and modification foods are served everywhere. However, only few of them are well known among international tourists.


However, there is at least a dessert that people have to crave for. For the Indonesians, this snack perhaps is too ordinary but in the hand of a chef, it can be the most delicious dessert in the world. It is Godoh Gedang; fried banana with vanilla sauce. History said that this dish is originally introduced by Portugese immigrants in 16th century. Fried banana is common to serve in villages across Indonesia but there is one special friend banana served in a middle class restaurant in Bali. As we visit a beautiful temple in Bedugul Bali, we will pass through some restaurants. There, we can find Mentari Restaurant. This restaurant has a buffet menu and also special dishes cooked by professionally experienced chef. Among the dishes, we can order that legendary fried banana.


The fried banana is more than special. It is made of ripe belur banana that is coated with special dough. It tastes sweet and unique because of the juicy banana inside. As we bite the dessert, we will also taste caramel with the flavor of banana that is created when ripe banana is fried in hot cooking oil. Meanwhile, we can add the vanilla sauce that will make that super mouthwatering fried banana more appetizing and treasured. We can also add cramel sauce as the alternative. As an Indonesian, I never believe that a fried banana could be that spectacular before visiting Mentari Restaurant.


Fried banana is indeed a low class dessert for those who do not know yet how it tastes wonderful to bit with vanilla sauce. In Bedugul Bali, we can call it as a superstar. The exotic of Bali with its temples and natural richness seem to fit so well with that type of culinary creation. In Bali, we can easily find special dish such as the legendary Betutu Duck, Rujak Bulung, Tepeng Rice, Lawar Kuwir, and Jinggo Rice. Those dishes are offered in various ways of plating in almost all restaurants in Bali. However, visiting Bali will not be perfect without tasting the sweetness of fried banana in Bedugul. The fresh breeze and nice temperature will be so much flawless as we taste this fried banana while enjoying breakfast or lunch in Bedugul Bali.


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