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The Breathtaking Rinjani Mount in Lombok, another Volcanic Attraction

Leaving for a travel destination is always an excited moment. However, people need to always think about several stuffs when it comes to travel destination. During year end and Christmas holiday, everyone seems want to enjoy vacation in popular destinations.Many people arrange their holiday to center of vacation spots such as Bali and Yogyakarta. For the Indonesians, those two places are the most inviting destination with popular reviews. However, we have actually more choices as we change our point of view. If we want to find enjoyments and not only pictures of popular places for Christmas holiday destination, we can try Lombok for a better experience.


In Lombok, we will find a secret paradise. This island gains popularity rapidly as adventurers reveal its rocky and challenging sides. It has the majestic Mount Rinjani rises in the north. It should be the next on your trekking challenge after Bromo Mount. To conquer Rinjani is always the dream of all mount climbers. This is a second highest volcano in Indonesia which offers not only gorgeous trekking trails but also breathtaking view of fertile rural areas around.


The flourishing forest with the spectacular combination of beach and bay in this island are simply astonishing. The alternative prettiness is the southern coast where legendary waves that make international surfers want to keep their board wet. Lombok is loaded with outdoor enthusiasts that cover mountains to coves.Gunung Rinjani dominates the northern half of Lombok and provides green and spectacular profile. Rinjani Mount is both captivating and sacred since it is the symbol of almightiness for both Hindu Bali and Sasak tribe in Lombok. The peak of Rinjani is 3726 m high and will be reachable for mount climbers with high quality body fitness. However, guides and porters are available to hire. People can easily find them in villages of Senaru and Sembalun Lawang. The ascent usually takes across three days and two nights.


Below the massive edge of Rinjani, a superb caldera will amaze all visitors with its sapphire blue color. The water of Segara Anak Lake outshines the color of heaven; the gradation of green and blue that looks so much jaw-dropping. The lake is located 600 m below and about 6 km long. That area is surrounded by hot springs. In the eastern edge, Gunung Baru is steaming and giving us the flutter of enjoying natural immense power.


Those kinds of experiences are the ones that make Lombok destinations different from popular traveling journey. More enjoyable trekking paths are offered through the villages abound Rinjani. Meandering from Tetabatu, a magnificent tobacco plantations, orchards, and rice fields are the natural beauties which will never fail to deliver refreshment. Meanwhile, the southern slope of Rinjani delivers the bright scenery of Air Tejun Jekut (Jekut Waterfall).

This area is nothing but a hidden paradise for its vast area of fertile farming and field. Sightseeing those enormous rural and traditional villages will surely deliver the amazement that people are desire to enjoy for giving this year a sweet ending.


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