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Tips on Preparing Bromo Volcano Tour to Satisfy Your Thirst for Adventure

Bromo Volcano Tour active volcano located in East Java is one of the most stunning peaks that reach 7,641 feet. It is located in the massif of Bromo Tengger. Though Bromo Mount is not the highest peak, visitors will feel amazed because on this well-known peak, breathtaking scenery will get people lost in astonishment.


The mount belongs to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that has both the charm and mysterious story. Bromo is derived from the Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the creator God of Hindu. Mount Bromo hiking tour will be a memorable experience for domestic and international travelers. This site offers expensive view of sunrise with unmatched beauty.


Before leaving for the exotic Mount Bromo tour, we need to be sure that we have all the information that is needed to get pleasure through the journey. For those who are new and excited to come visit this site, the preparations might not be essential. Instead, they will get prepared with their camera phone and selfie stick. That is common and it will be a blunder.


To experience this mount better, other than having insight about local culture, we also have to know the characteristic so we can pack the best preparations. First of all, we will need to get well-dressed. This is the most crucial thing since this exotic Bromo of Java has a low temperature that might drop below 10 degrees. This will be troublesome for the domestic visitors who are used to the high temperature of tropical islands. Here are the essentials that are needed for a perfect Bromo Tour:


Warm Attire and Jacket


We will need more than warm attires since for some reasons, the temperature is unfriendly. We need to wear a real jacket or additional warm clothes to prevent unwanted low temperature. The centers of cold in human bodies are in the ears, nostril, and toes. Therefore, we also need to get ready with earmuffs, hats, mittens, scarf, mask, and socks.


The mask will be useful to cover our nose and mouth from the dust. To bring the clothing before leaving will possibly save our budget because buying them on the spot will be a little costly. For our feet safety, hiking boots are recommended. When entering the site, we will need to walk up a rough and rocky road during Mt Bromo sunrise tour. We do want to appear fashionably and updated when going to a tour destination. But for the sake for our comfort and health, we should never force fashion because it will make us freezing and injured.




We are going up there for Bromo sunrise tour on the hill. In order to reach the perfect timing, we need to go hiking when it is still early in the morning. We need to go before dawn. In such time, the site will be still dark and it will be hard for us to climb without proper lighting. Therefore, we will need to bring the flashlight.




Bromo is located in a remote area from downtown. Therefore, ATM is not available around the site. We need to bring sufficient cash money because it will be bothersome if we run out of money in the middle of the Bromo volcano tour.

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