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Travelers will be Overwhelmed in Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra Island is the next travel destination which offers more than a merry journey. Those who love nature and underwater enjoyments will never regret how Sumatra captivates their hearts. There are a lot of myths, legends, and natural wonders in Sumatra.Along the sea lines and its exotic beaches, Sumatra has been one of the most loved tour destinations in the world. Sumatra is lovable from the beaches to the shopping centers. Here are some of the beauties.


Bangka Island


Visiting Bangka means enjoying seas and shores. There are at least seven pretty beaches which all are located nearby the city center of Pangkalpinang. The farthest beach takes only several hours from the city center. Pasir Padi Beach, Matras Beach, Parai Tenggiri Beach, Teluk Limau Beach, Romodong Beach, and Penyusuk Beach should all be listed on the Bangka travel. The beaches have white and soft sands which are unique and so much wonderful.


In addition, travelers are able to take pleasure in historical tour in Kwan Tie Miaw Temple that is dated several centuries. To shop souvenirs in Pangkalpinang, travelers will find it comfortable to go to Bangka Trade Center (BTC). This is truly different kind of tour other than adventurous climbing to Bromo.




Similarly to Bangka Island, Belitung is also rich with beaches and natural wonders. God creates special beaches in Belitong; the sand is soft and there are giant granite stones around. That is so amazing since granites came from high places such as volcano and it is stunning how those immense stones could get at beaches. There is no doubt that it happened when earth was just created.


Playing in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Penyabong Beach, Serdang Beach, Nyiur Melambai Beach, and Burung Mandi Beach is irresistible. Belitong became more popular as a novelist Andrea Hirata wrote stories about the stunning Belitong and now travelers can visit Museum Kata Andrea Hirata for entering the world of Laskar Pelangi; a novel by this Indonesia’s famous author. And the last pleasure will be the taste of Belitung Atep Noodle. This is a must try culinary in Belitong.




Batam is more than a place to shop electronic gadgets and replica bags. Batam is a province in Riau islands that has various spectacular destinations. The iconic Barelang Bridge is one of the places to visit. This bridge is 2.264 meter and connects Batam, Tonton, Nipah, Rempang, Galang, and Galang Baru Island. Local tourists will love how the bridge will help them to take nice pictures.


For culinary services, Batam is the best place for especially for sea foods. Travelers can easily find restaurants on the sea shores where Singapore is twinkling across the bay. For shopaholic, Batam is definitely the right place. This city is the paradise for those who are searching for cheap cell phones and others. In addition to that, the ladies will love to spend much time to check out replica bags which are offered in low prices there. Batam is also unique since travelers can take a small ship and go visit Singapore without visa from that island. It’s really a move away from a tour like the one in Green Canyon.

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