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Tips on Dealing with Culture when Travelling to Indonesia

Unique Culture of Indonesia


The special feeling of traveling is sometimes triggered by not only the view or beauty of tour destinations but also the personality of a country. A country is unique both from the physical and culture and Indonesia owns both of the essential elements. However, there are several things that travelers have to know about Indonesia personalities which will make travelling to Indonesia feels more comfortable.


Indonesia as Halal Destination


First of all, Indonesia is a country with dense population and majority of them are Moslem. Therefore, halal life and foods are applied in Indonesia. This encourages Moslem tourists from all over the world to come to Indonesia due to the ease of finding halal meals and also Moslem friendly facilities. Halal tour should be one of the attractions that Indonesia has. Some of the places you should definitely visit in Indonesia can be found here.


How to Treat the Elder People in Public Transportation in Indonesia


Secondly, Indonesia is a country that gives high respect to elderly in a very conventional way. The way Indonesians give respect is a little different to Japanese. Giving priority to elder people in Japan deals with their pride. For instance, when in public transportation, giving our seat to old people is risky. Most of the time, they do not want to take the seat because they do not want to be regarded as old.


The elder people do not mind to stand up while youngsters sit down because they do not want to take their sympathy and cause troubles towards others. Therefore, to give the right manner to the elder people in Japan, travelers need to simply walk to the door and pretend to get ready to get off to give their seat. Senior citizens who need the seat will take it with pleasure if they want to. On the contrary, in Indonesia, giving the seat to elder people is a must. Youngsters who stand up and let the elder people to take their seat will be regarded as having polite manners. The old people will take the seat without feeling burdened and they even will smile and be very thankful.


How to Enjoy Meals with the Indonesians


A professional tour guide of France tourists once told me that what travelers really want to enjoy in Indonesia is to see the natural ways of Indonesians live. Therefore, they will feel amazed as they see farmers do the faming traditionally. However, travelers have to know some manners when they deal with real Indonesians in a real life situation.


Commonly, Indonesians like to serve foreigners and want to perform the best to impress them. Yet, travelers should at least know how to receive the services. For instance, when travelers are sitting together with Indonesians and are served meals or snacks, they have to taste and show their excitement but it is impolite to eat all the foods on the plate even if the hosts urge their guests to do it.


Those are only a brief about the cultures of Indonesia. To learn a lot about each races and ethnics of Indonesia will need years of travel and experiences. However, traveling to Indonesia will always be precious and leave deep impression in the heart of the travelers. Consider yourself taking tour to Kalibaru Village as the first step could be perfect way to know more about Indonesia.

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