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What to Get Prepared for Challenging Tour to Green Canyon

What to Get Prepared for Green Canyon



There are always reasons behind a travel. Some people save their money for some times to fly together with their family to a special place. They will find it chaotic during the packing times. They might be so much in trouble when the board says their flight will be delayed. In the hotel, the family will usually fight a lot but those traveling moments are something that they have been waiting for. Some others want to just leave their office to enjoying travelling solo. The reasons of travelling never fail to give people excitement. However, there will always be a special reason besides finding luxuries, exotic places, and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, unique and exotic places are always irresistible. Green Canyon is one of them.


When we go to a travelling destination with water tour like Green Canyon, we have to get prepared with several things:


Spare clothes


We do not go to this pretty place without playing with water. We can get wet while enjoying the scenery on the boat. We can also take a rafting tour and body rafting tour that will make us wet. Besides, we can also enjoy walking and tracking to caves in the middle of the site which allow us to get off the boat and cross the river. We simply need to get prepared with spare clothes and perhaps jacket to enjoy this place. Adding rain coat on the list will be so much recommended.


Enough foods


Green Canyon is located in a village so it does not have huge food court or culinary services along the area. Besides, it is a natural tour destination with river, river bank, cave, and cliffs. Therefore, the location is not quite possible for food vendors to sell foods in the entire area. People can find small food stall and restaurant on the gate; before entering the boat deck. Visitors can enjoy Indonesia’s traditional foods and Sundanese Foods there. That is why we need to bring our own foods. However, it is essential that we bring plastic bag for the trash so we can preserve the beauty of Green Canyon well.


Outdoor clothing and essentials


Enjoying outdoor place with river will not be that easy without proper outdoor clothing and supplies such as anti-slip shoes and sandals. We need to also bring outdoor bag pack and it will be so much better to cover it with rain cover.  Green canyon body rafting is one of the activities which surely need those.


Trip to Green Canyon will surely bring an unforgettable memory to everyone. God seemed to have a good mood when creating this place. People will never forget how the clear water bring them to another world splits to their busy life. This place has peaceful nature that can give people enchantment only by sitting on their boat on the tour. As they stop by in the middle on the journey, they can try jumping to the fresh water from the height of 6-9 meters. They can also try getting off the boat and challenge themselves by doing cliff climbing. This place is a flawless spot for an adventurer.


For a comfortable trip, it is very important to be physically prepared and equipped. But preparing yourself in terms of insights about tourist destinations cannot be less important. Check important guidelines to travel to Indonesia, so that your trip will not only convenient but also safe.


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